Tuesday, December 20, 2011

High Hopes

At my (Liv) perfectly average height of 5'5", I am absolutely in love with high heels. I love the spring in my step when I wear them, and generally the boost in height I get. However, where my mother exceeds in her parenting is when she forbids me on a certain height of heel, which I do not appreciate very much. So this morning, while looking through the Target catalogue, I found these pumps for $24 dollars, and that I do appreciate. Unfortunately, they are not exceedingly pretty, decent perhaps, but not beautiful. So I made it my mission to find the nude, black and red heels I desperately want, for more than ten times the price of the dull Target heels. I attempted to find basic heels, in basic colors, but with a twist. Believe me, this was unbelievably difficult because my brain continued to spaz and alert me, "Ohhhhh preeetttyy".

        Valention Vitello Pump $645                             Brian Atwood 'Maniac' Platform Pump $595
Jessica Simpson 'Francesca' Pump $69.90


    Sam Edelman 'Ulysa' Pump $59.90                                                  Burberry Platform Pump  $495
Betsey Johnson 'Dita' Pump $59.90


    Gucci 'Betty' Platform Pump $520                                     Jessica Simpson 'Francesca' Pump $43.90
 Boutique 9 "Victorie' Pump $129.95

 I thought I should also mention my true love (I am irrevocably in love with ombre):

Prada Dégradé Platform Pump $720

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  1. great selection of pumps! soo pretty!

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