Thursday, December 29, 2011

In the Absence of Isabelle...

 Days spent out and about on the public transportation system. I feel like it may be time to get a student fare card? Yes, I think so.

 Drool worthy Jeffrey Campel "sleigh" shoes.

 My dear friend Lillian and her understandable adoration of cats.

 Francesca's cards. I want them all. Something about the colored words perhaps?

 Coupons. I adore these.

 Getting lost on the streets of Chicago. At night. Typical

Boston, where I spent Christmas with my family.
While there I went on a Grocery expedition, here are the photos that I took to entertain myself while shopping with my parents for Christmas Eve dinner.

This Olivia's lettuce made me way too excited.

 Organic or not? What is the different really?

 Again, far too amused by this. A touch of color? When the table cloth is white? Yes.

 If this has existed a while and I have simply never seen it I feel ashamed.

 Beano? Is it better than Pepto Bismol?

 16 ounces of Marshmallow Fluff? I'm in.

 Unfortunately our cart did not include that Marshmallow Fluff.

 Meat slicer in action. Actionshot. Actionshot. Actionshot.

 So talented at naming flower bouquets. I want this talent.

Providence, Rhode Island. I adore this city. Even though it's a little strange, I still adore it. For no reason in particular actually...
 This dog took up most of my effort. My uncle should thank me for thoroughly tiring out his dog.

Once I returned home from (the snowless) Boston, this is what I found. My cat. Anxiously awaiting.

Hope the Holidays were happy, and the New Year will be happy as well. xx.

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  1. Hahahaha, I love that cat card!

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