Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun Fun Fun Fun FUNFETTI

Oh my goodness rainbow sprinkles. Deep down inside, everyone knows their favorite kind of cake is funfetti cake. I do not care if you are allergic to that cake mix, or if you do not like it, it's still your favorite. It's my favorite. I love sparkle and color and general happiness. This cake batter is happiness. I mean, look at it. It just makes you smile. If not, think of all the sprinkles. And the associated happiness. I bet you knew there was a "but" coming, so here it comes. I was killed by the frosting. I first made my favorite buttercream recipe (Mark Bittman), but with some weird "healthy" organic powdered sugar. So it tasted a litttle weird. And it looked a little weird. But "a little weird" was fine enough for me. Until I ran out of frosting. So I then proceeded to make a half a batch of frosting with normal, unhealthy powdered sugar. I neglected to add enough cream... or something. So it turned out stiff and buttery. It tasted less weird than before. I was okay with it. Then I had some remaining cupcakes with no frosting... I'm not going to mention what I did to those poor things.

                   See that awkward frosting difference? It's awkward. And horribly frustrating.

Did I mention they still tasted awesome? I don't think I did. They tasted awesome. Make these. Just make your favorite vanilla cake recipe and add about 1/3 cup of sprinkles.

Even when it's all gone they wrapper is pretty. So much fun.

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