Saturday, November 26, 2011


I (Liv) have never really had a strong attachment to Oreos. I find the cookies dry, and the cream filling overly sweet. I think another problem with them may be that they taste too artificial, like something that would never be produced in a kitchen. However, I have now found enlightenment. I have found this godsend, these homemade Oreos. Using this recipe I created these creations of comfort and childhood.  I am honestly not one to brag about my baking but this time, I can't help it. The cookies are chewy and super chocolately and the cream is sweet and delicious. The whole story changes though, when you bring in the glass of milk. They become so good that the only possible reaction is grunts of satisfaction. 

Let's hope Isabelle decides to make something soon. 
Happy salivating. :)

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