Monday, January 23, 2012


So there are many shoes that I (Liv) love. But there are only so many shoes that look good with jeans, skirts and shorts (and any other bottoms I may have forgotten), and only so many shoes I can comfortably walk around in all day. Those shoes would be flats. Flats like my oxfords, five pairs of slightly different black ballet flats, purple Mary-Janes, Sperrys, Toms,  and many other flats living in my closet so they do not die from a Chicago snow attack. 

Here are some flat shoes that have been on my mind because it only just started really snowing and I want it to be spring. I hate retail. 

I really like these ballet flats. Unfortunately, I do not own them. But I wish I did. They are colorful and simple and classic: shoes that don't look all that great by themselves, but will certainly go with everything. 

Here is my confusion. See it? Confusion. Toms Flats. What? Yes, confusion. I don't really think I like them. They look freakishly wide, I have freakishly narrow feet. But who knows? They could turn out to be just as fantastic as the original Toms.
I've got me some of these. They don't look like this anymore. They were a summer favorite, which led to their untimely death. I wore them almost every day for six weeks this and they turned brownish grey with a giant hole by each of my big toes. Most comfortable and practical summer shoes I have ever had. They are fantastic. 
And then I saw these and I gasped. Because I own these!!! Yes, they have a peep toe... but I own these! I snatched them up at Akira for 5 dollars two summers ago. These are not comfortable at all, but I really, really like the lace pattern. Pain is beauty? Maybe for just this once...

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