Thursday, April 5, 2012


(H&M T-Shirt and Blazer, American Eagle Jeans, Sam Edelman Flats, DIY Necklace, Usual Bracelets and Rings)
I think maybe I was/am a freak of nature. Reason being that I was never really into climbing trees when I was little. I was definitely more of a swinger and a runner and jumper. Not a tree climber. Maybe it was the heights, or maybe it was the fact that I never have been (or will be able to) lift my self nimbly up trees. So here I sit, underneath a tree, as opposed to in one. But if I were to maybe try to climb a tree, I would do it in these jeans, since they are my absolute favorites. 


  1. Love the keys! Beautiful :)

  2. i´m happy with this blog every time better.